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[info] Welcome to the Ipredict.co.uk Non League Prediction League. It is free to play, just sign up and login. Registering with Ipredict will allow you to use the same user name in all our other league unless explicitly stated.
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Points are awared as follows:
  • 0 Points for predicting the correct number of goals by at least one team.
  • 1 Points for predicting the correct number of goals for the home team.
  • 1 Points for predicting the correct number of goals for the away team.
  • 3 Points for a correct score. i.e. you predict 3-1 and the result is 3-1.
  • 2 Point for a correct result. You predict 1-1, the score is 2-2.
  • 0 Points for a incorrect result. i.e. you predict 3-1 and the result is 1-3.
Goal Difference
  • For each correct teams number of goals you score, you receive that number of +goals. e.g. you predicit 2 and the team scores 2, you get +2 goals.
  • For each incorrect number of goals you predict per team, you lose the difference in goals. e.g. you predict 3 and the team scores 2, you get -1 goals.
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Monthly Winner
Monika 47
Dingbat 41
genius 39
genius []:
15 Mar 20 13:03:00
wk31 chrisb is our
top point scorer of
the week with 16pts
and goes 2nd to boot

genius []:
5 Mar 20 18:10:57
Wk30 chrisa goes

genius []:
1 Mar 20 13:41:34
wk29 and monika
closes on top spot
grabbing 20pts for
the week and moving
into 2nd

genius []:
19 Feb 20 12:44:12
wk28 chrisa &
peddlingfast are
joint top point
scorers with 13

genius []:
12 Feb 20 19:11:37
wk27 even

genius []:
9 Feb 20 13:36:31
only 2 games in
wk26 so not much
change in the table

genius []:
9 Feb 20 13:28:29
Wow wk26 & i was
top point scorer
with 21pts

genius []:
29 Jan 20 19:24:17
Wk25 and mrblobby
is back at the
bottom. Well done to
slinkyfox who moves
into 3rd though at
this stage minty61
looks like running
away with it.

genius []:
22 Jan 20 11:58:55
Wk24 and mrblobby
shout maybe coming
true as shotaway
takes up the mantle
of last

mrblobby []:
17 Jan 20 18:03:35
I will not finish

genius []:
16 Jan 20 10:10:53
wk23 yo yo at the
bottom as mrblobby
retakes last. At the
top the chrises move
into the top 3.
chrisa 2nd & chrisb

chrisa []:
14 Jan 20 17:33:02
Thanks Chris - I
did have a great
time. Hope you and
all others did too.

genius []:
12 Jan 20 12:35:35
wk 22 and i retake
last place. well
done chrisa top
point scorer of the
wk with 14

chrisb1957 []:
31 Dec 19 09:48:25
All members..hope
you have very happy
new year and all the
best with your
respective teams ?

genius []:
29 Dec 19 12:56:37
minty61 remains top
at the end of the
year. Wish you all a
happy new year

genius []:
23 Dec 19 13:35:54
Wk20 - minty61 tops
at xmas. chrisb1957
moves into 2nd &
peddlingfast goes

genius []:
15 Dec 19 12:59:49
wk19 is status quo

genius []:
14 Dec 19 12:30:40
Wk18 and mrblobby
takes over the
strongest role in
the league from me &
chrisb1957 goes 3rd
at the other end of
the table

genius []:
8 Dec 19 13:01:54
wk17 well done
dingbat our top
scorer of the week
with 10pts

genius []:
7 Dec 19 11:50:37
The 10th is a

Hotgi []:
6 Dec 19 23:00:31
blobz yes different

mrblobby []:
6 Dec 19 18:25:04
Weymouth in twice
this week.

genius []:
1 Dec 19 17:08:17
wk16 peddlingfast
gets top points for
the week with 9.

NLAdmin []:
22 Nov 19 18:01:47
Should be fixed

genius []:
19 Nov 19 20:13:58
ok i will look into

dogfox []:
18 Nov 19 01:03:50
3 pm but it was
shut before 2.05 pm

genius []:
17 Nov 19 17:53:05
wk15 and little
movement at either
end of the table

genius []:
17 Nov 19 17:46:19
odd. says 3pm uk
time on my screen.
what time do you

Hotgi []:
16 Nov 19 14:08:54

Peddlingfast []:
16 Nov 19 14:07:57
Unable to predict
timing is wrong

genius []:
13 Nov 19 18:09:08
wk14 and obeyed
mrblobby staying
bottom. chrisa is
highest climber up 3
to 4th

mrblobby []:
9 Nov 19 13:01:08
Stay last Genius

genius []:
3 Nov 19 17:53:54
Wk13 well done
dogfox who gets into
the top 3. Battle at
the bottom is tight
with mrblobby now
making a play for it

genius []:
27 Oct 19 18:28:40
Wk12 xtrapoints
goes 2nd

chrisa []:
25 Oct 19 16:28:33
And I went up a

genius []:
21 Oct 19 17:20:13
wk11 saw only 2
games being played
but that was enough
for dogfox to move
into 3rd

genius []:
20 Oct 19 12:21:21
wk10 well done
chrisa top points
scorer with 9

genius []:
20 Oct 19 12:19:14
Thanks blobby its
tough but someone
has to do it

mrblobby []:
19 Oct 19 11:33:53
Your doing very
well genius at the
strong man!

genius []:
6 Oct 19 11:55:34
wk9 and hotgi gets
into the top 3

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